Weird movie with horror and bizarre sketches

When I was young, I watched the weirdest movie ever. It was in the beginning of the 90’s. The movie had a lot of short stories. I remembered some of them.

1)One story was about a woman trapped inside her apartement. The ceiling was coming down on her. She decided to make a hole, like she wouldnt be crush. But when she passed her head throught the hole, her head came out of a hole in the street and a car drove on it.

2) One of the other stories was about some cars driving themselves to the junkyard to be crushed with the people trapped inside.

3) The last story i remember was a man who enjoys being dismembered by a psycho. He’s laughing. At the end, a car comes at home. A woman it’s there, waiting for the person to come out of the car. All we see is a head jumping out of the car and going under the womn’s skirt.

Every story is cut by the view of blind peoplewalking.

I’m looking for this movie for about 10 years. Help me.

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