Weird movie that’s stuck in my head

I can’t remember the movie clearly but their was a scene that’s been stuck in my head where in the animated movie a woman touches a cactus, bleeds, cries, and goes to sleep and an animal(I think a mouse) dances with the woman while she’s still sleeping, across town and lays her on a bench then puts her back to her room and she wakes up later. No voice acting just music, might’ve watched it around 2007-2010 at night, most likely a short film, I believe there was color or at the very least only for the blood, and certainly not a children’s movie.

3 thoughts on “Weird movie that’s stuck in my head

  1. Can’t find a link online for you to view and confirm, but you are definitely remembering Suzan Pitt’s moody, mesmerizing animated short.

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