Weird Movie Involving Fish Soup

I remember watching it probably on Netflix (we only had a computer and a huge screen, no cable or anything) like 5-6 years ago with my former roommate-special-friend-thing. I think it was older, though, maybe 90s-some odd production value. It’s indie, likely foreign, but in English. I think we watched it after Four Rooms, thinking perhaps it would be similar, but it DEFINITELY wasn’t.

There’s an infirmed-persons home or resort isolated on an island type thing. There’s the one pier in and out of the place, I think. There are several scenes that take place in the kitchen. They feed the residents a crappy, bland fish soup to keep them docile. It’s all very dreary and grey, I think shot that way on purpose. Someone from far away comes to the resort and starts feeding the residents actual food-food, and they start getting better, but this upsets the people who run the place, as they like to keep the residents sick and dumb. I want to say there was a teenage boy or someone watching it all happen that got the person from the pier to the retreat, but my mind could be betraying me there. It was fucking weird. I MUST know what this film is, I am half-convinced I made this up.
People have suggested Guest House Paradiso, but I don’t think that’s quite right. That one seemed more of a comedy, this one kind of didn’t, from what I remember.

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