Weird Movie for Kids (I know it exists!)

Hello, everyone,

I remember seeing a movie in the early 2000s. It was English language and in color. Could have been from the ’90s or 2000s.

I can only recall a few things about it. I know the two main characters were a black girl and a white boy (they both looked like they were maybe 9 or 10). They were students and wore typical Catholic-style school uniforms.

All of my memories are disjointed. I know the boy and girl were together in some city for some reason. At some point, the boy had to wear the skirt to the school uniform as the pair talked to some old lady in her doorway. They were trying to get some information from her and the old lady thought they were both girls.

I remember bits of only one conversation. The boy and girl were talking about someone (I believe the boy’s mother). He mentioned something about his mother saying that smoking was bad, that it would turn your heart black, or I don’t know what. Then the scene cut to a limousine pulling up to a curb. In it, a fat lady (the boy’s mother, I assume) was smoking, gorging on fast food, and listening to loud opera music.

Yes, it was a strange movie. But I know I didn’t imagine it. Please help me!

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