Weird Kids Movie?

Okay, so I watched this movie, or it might have been multiple movies, but I don’t think it was a TV show. It was set up in this kind of sketch comedy show style with different stories, but the main one I remember was about this zombie family with the mom, the dad, the annoying little girl,  and the football player son and they moved to new neighborhoods and tried to fit in, but they would end up killing or hurting people in hilarious ways cause they were zombies (I think? Something like that.) There were other shows too. Like, I think one had a big spooky castle, an evil kid, and a Frankenstein servant, maybe? Anyway, it was an English movie, most likely from America, that I watched in the early 2000’s, but I have a vague idea it might have been a VHS.

Please help, it’s bothering me so much to not know it!

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