Weird film including 2 children

I remember watching a film about mid-day on the Swedish channel Tv4 Film around year 2004-05. I recall a few memories that have been stuck ever since. The movie was in color, and they might have spoken Swedish (I’m not sure, my mind fails me on this one).

I am absolutely certain there were a boy and a girl, probably siblings; probably orphaned and given up for adoption. A big sister, perhaps around 12-13 and a brother, few years younger than her. They were somewhere with a maid, the boy was chewing on blueberry pie and spit it out/threw up the pie on the tile floor.

The next thing I remember is the boy being spanked (with a cane?) by an elderly man for breaking glass on a shelf (or something like it) with a baseball bat, or perhaps a stick. I remember he shrieked and cries. The man was probably dressed in a smoking.

The last thing I remember is the children dining together with a fat, short-haired lady with glasses. First they had some kind of stew I think, she was huge and ate a lot. When she put the food on their plates she said something like “Mat varannan timme” (Food every other hour). She had a cream cake with strawberries for dessert, I think. She kind of resembled a greedy swine.

My hypothesis is that the movie plot is two siblings being sent away or adopted by the residents in this mansion with rich people living in it. They didn’t seem to very nice to the children, very strict and I vaguely remember the brother and sister being afraid.

Literally any help is appreciated!

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  1. Fanny & Alexander
    Directed by Ingmar Bergman

    All details don’t seem to fit, but I’m pretty sure thats what you saw, especially since it was on Swedish tv. There are two versions of the film, the long one which is in several parts and like 4 hours long, and a shorter movie version. I recommend the long one.

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