Weird Desert Sci-fi Horror

Okay, so I’ve been desperately trying to find this one for a while now, and I can’t even seem to come close. I’m pretty sure I saw this movie on TV (probably the USA network, when they used to fill their weekends with bad horror movies) sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. It may have starred Lou Diamond Philips, but I could be wrong.

The only things I remember for certain:

– It took place out in the desert, possibly the American Southwest.

– For most of the movie, killings and disappearances were blamed on a supernatural source.

– At some point, the main characters discover a bizarre sort of storage cabin out in the desert. I distinctly remember a dead horse under a sheet in this scene.

– I believe the culprits turned out to be aliens.

Thanks for your help!

4 thoughts on “Weird Desert Sci-fi Horror

    1. Wow, you’re good! I didn’t think that was it, but I found a screenshot of the storage cabin I remembered.

      Now I’m off to watch this flick and see if its anywhere near as creepy as kid me thought it was.


  1. i always liked this USA Network original. Happy to help you rediscover it, gotmalkavian. Thanks for coming back and confirming!

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