Weird dark film.

I saw this film back in between 2006-2009 but it could’ve been made before 2006, I’m not sure. I kept flipping through the channels after midnight (HBO, Cinemax, or Staar…I’m not really sure of which channel it was either). From the few scenes I saw the color scheme of the movie was mostly dark. It was about these teenagers or (young) adults somewhere. I don’t remember if it was that they were stuck somewhere or not but one of the scenes they (one of the males) goes to check on one of the girls and then her stomach explodes or opens and they’re kind of saddened but later on two of the people there start having sex while everyone watches and I don’t remember if everyone starts having it too or not, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a pornographic film. But that’s all I remember. I hope any piece of the information may help.

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