Watched it from Under a Blanket

My friend saw this movie as a kid and it instilled a fear of public bathrooms for years. She says she pretended to fall asleep in the living room, fooling her parents, and saw a bit of a pretty scary movie – at least it was scary to her because she was a kid at the time.

I’m guessing the year of the movie was somewhere between 1992 and 1996. From what I understand it was something of a ‘body snatchers’ type movie where some creature would kill people and masquerade around in their bodies. It was most likely set in a school.

All the she can recall is scene in which a woman using a public restroom and something came from the ceiling and grabbed the woman up. The next thing you saw was her bloody high heel drop into the toilet.

Any ideas?

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  1. Update on the years: We’re thinking it’s more likely the movie was from 1988 – 1992. No later than ’93 for sure.

  2. The cute story about your friend pretending to sleep in order to watch a scary movie makes me want to be able to answer this, but unfortunately the only body snatchers like movie in a school setting that I can think of is The Faculty which is too recent (1998).

    I think I may perhaps have seen something like the restroom scene you described, though. When you say it’s likely the movie was from 1988-1992, is that just when she watched it or is it unlikely the movie itself was much older than that?

    1. She likely watched it in the early nineties, but we figured it could have been older. I suppose it’s likely that the film is older than ’88, but definitely not newer than ’92 or ’93 as I said. I thought of The Faculty myself, but we dismissed it because of the year. Also, we thought it could have been a made-for-TV movie.

      Thanks for your interest. We’ve been wondering about this movie for years!

  3. I think you’re talking about The Willies – its an anthology movie but this sounds exactly like one of the stories in it

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