Was this really a film?

Hello. Does anyone recall a film featuring a young lady (white female) lost/trapped in a fantasy land with notable characters being an ape called ‘monkey’ (actor in ape costume) for a companion to the lady,  and a blind artist/painter played by a black male.

The artist had a desire for gold and was lured to his death by a villain (i cant recall the detail of the villain) down a manhole with the promise of gold when the surrounding landscape appeared to catch fire. The landscape was sandy, possibly sand dunes were present (maybe small volcanoes..)

As the land burns the young lady is rescued by a floating small submarine in the sky which drops a rope or ladder down to her to climb. When the young lady asks how the rescuers found her, the rescuers claim that “The man in the moon described the way”

This would have been filmed at a guess no earlier than 1970 no later than 1990. I believe it was filmed in color and English language though it may have been colorized and dubbed. My sibling recalls the film but nobody else from that time in our life can recall it, so we are wondering if this was a figment of our joint imagination.

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  1. Hello all. I finally found the film and it is indeed real. It is called “Dream One” or sometimes called “Nemo” and it was from 1984 directed by Arnaud Sélignac. Some of the details were however very muddled in my memory. But if you are interested you can see a nice AI assisted upscaled version on YouTube currently.

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