Want some help finding out about some obscure short films

Okay, so I am not sure what exactly prompted me to think about this, but I’m trying to find out the name of two educational short films/videos I watched in school a while ago. Around 2005/2006 my class watched these two really cheesy videos about puberty (one for boys, one for girls). They were a 2 part series (there may have been others but I don’t think so) and were on vhs (not known if it was ever released in another format) created by Disney or some subset of them. There was definitely a Disney credit in the video (might have been “Disney Educational films” or something like that) and from what I remember watching them the videos were made in the 1980’s or 1990’s based on the video/sound quality, how the actors dressed, and the cheesy acting that other educational videos from these decades I’ve seen. I’ve done some research and haven’t had much luck. I do know for a fact that it is NOT “The Story of Menstruation” as that does not have a video for boys and it is way too old to be what I’m looking for. It also had no cartoons in it; it was live action and was completely made up of actual people acting. Finally, I can’t remember the exact length but I’d guess it was somewhere between 25-30 minutes to no longer than 45-60 minutes max. Anyways, if anyone can help me out finding out the titles of these two videos and possibly some more information on it that’d be cool.

If it helps, one specific scene I remember from the girl video is two girls that are friends talk after one says they just got their period. As I’m sure you can imagine, much of this film was focused on periods. The girls go to a drugstore to buy some pads and they run into either a classmate or a family member and are embarrassed because they don’t want them to see what they’re buying. Hope this helps

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