Walking a Cow Home

I saw this film (I believe it was black and white) when I was in Italy two years ago.  I think it was made between 1940 – 1960? or so~ The film seemed like a classic. Polish or Czech Film? Russian? Eastern Block.  The opening events included a long and I believe high shot of a farm or a farming area, fields and it was very quiet and still.  The environment was a big part of the experience it was ominous.  It is dark and perhaps raining.  Within this, A child walks his cow?  It was either a cow or a ox? home.  And he does so unrobed in what appeared to be uncomfortable weather. The whole beginning of the film was this and when he finally arives to his small farm home his mother feeds him and dresses him?  I think he may even be scolded.

Does anyone know the name of this film?

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