Waiting to be born

Boy and Girl waiting to be born, many around waiting to be born of different ages.

They are very sad because they will be separated and she says something like “How will I find you or know its you” and he replies ” I will be the saddest person on Earth” like because he won’t be with her …

I would have seen this film as a small girl in the 1970’s it was not in colour.


7 thoughts on “Waiting to be born

  1. I also looked for this movie. But I remember the scene described as being in color. It was a Shirley Temple movie called The Bluebird. When I looked for this movie, I didn’t think this was the right movie but when I saw clips, I recognized it. The very sad boy and girl souls who are separated always left me crying, and you can only hope they will find each other as they are soul mates. The children chosen to be born get on a beautiful air ship and when it leaves, the music welcoming them was supposed to be their mothers calling out to themmwaiting for them to be born.

  2. This one gets asked about over and over, with most people agreeing it’s “The Bluebird” and others insisting it must be something else (which has never been identified).

  3. I will check it out but I know Shirley Temple and I reckon I would know it was her. But I need to rule it out. Thanks

  4. Thanks Guys but The Bluebird suggested has kind of a Wizard of Oz feel about it.. the one I mean did not… it was Black and White and they were wearing ordinary clothes.. I think the girl may have been wearing a beret and tartan/Braid skirt …and the boy a cap… and girl were with each other in the scene more than this one.

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