Vintage movie help please!!!

Need help with a title of a old movie. Not sure of the year, maybe 1935-50? Group of young ladies in a apartment, hear noises next door, get curious and go over to inspect. Think they were having a bridal bachelorette party or something to that nature. Once in the apartment next door a cop came. Think there was a murder. This is a light hearted comedy. Black and white film.

3 thoughts on “Vintage movie help please!!!

  1. Hey tfrye, can you answer me these questions? About how many girls are there? Who is the main character, cop or girl? Do you remember if the cop is a love interest? Ive seen a lot of those old mystery comedy movies and the thing thats throwing me off is this party thing. Anyway they were in a dressing room of some kind and not at an apartment?

  2. Also because this is an old movie there aren’t many films with a female lead let alone a movie depicting women having a grand old time without a big strong man around to keep them in check. If You can remember what type of party it was or what they are doing at it I think i could find this.

    1. Believe it was a bachlorette party. Not sure of lead only watched for a few minutes,older guy was cop,about 4 or 5 girls,happened late at night. Think they went through window to the other apartment where they heard the noise. They were dressed in long robes fluffy collars.

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