Very strange tv show or movie

I believe this is was the early 2000s and in color. Not sure if it was part of a tv show series or a movie. I only remember bits and pieces.

A couple of friends stop at this trading post like shop in the woods. A girl is looking at the stuff and notice there are teeth necklaces and there are these things with cool designed on them(turns out it is tattooed human skin). There was a scene I believe where one of the friends gets taken in the back to get skinned because he has tattoos. Another friend goes to the bathroom and I think one of the stalls has no toilet ( at least I think this scene was in the show or movie). I remember there being a jar with what looks like water and little things swimming around in it that I think one of the friends are made to drink. And I believe the friend that realizes what’s going on tries to escape and starts running through the woods along the road.

7 thoughts on “Very strange tv show or movie

  1. I remember this show very well. It was on a horror anthology series called “Night Visions.” The main girl was former Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson and the drifter that they picked up was Jerry O’Connell. The episode was called “Rest Stop.”

    1. Yes! It was the episode Rest Stop. You have just made my day- I’ve been wondering about this for years! Thank you! Solved.

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