Vampire movie from the 60’s

I remember a few scenes and I believe this was a B rated movie I saw either on Chiller Theatre or Creatures Feature.  It was about a female vampire, and she did her usual biting LOL!  The one scene that stands out in my mind is she bit a female schoolteacher and turned her into her minion.  The teacher threatened to expose her and of course the vampire turned around to walk up the staircase. The teacher let out a scream when she saw the fangs. Later on, people walk into the house to find the teacher on the staircase dead with her eyes open and fangs. I was about 9 years old and that scene freaked me out.  Does anyone remember this movie?


10 thoughts on “Vampire movie from the 60’s

  1. I saw this movie which was also good but not the one I remember. I think it was on black and white. Thanks for the response!!

  2. “Mystery and Imagination” (TV series 1966-1970)?
    Season 2 episode 4. “Carmilla”?
    It’s listed as being in b & w but it’s believed to be lost.

    1. I just want to get back to you and let you know that you are correct. Thank you so much! I saw one of the existing episodes and it was the actress so it was Carmila. Thanks so much mystery solved!

      1. The 1 still photo was in color, but the technical specs on IMDb said it was in B & W. It may be impossible to confirm this as the one, since it appears to be a lost show.

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