vampire (comedy) ?

Hello friends, I am back again. This time the memory is about a vampire movie (may be made for TV or an early series on the genre)

The screen looks like 70s or early 80s technicolour, and happens at the end of the movie/series episode. A group of middle-aged men, led by a bespectacled energetic person stride inside a big room and stop beside a coffin (looked like a stone one). Then this man opens it dramatically to reveal another man who was asleep but wakes up in this commotion and seems peculiarly a normal human being (no pale skin, fangs, bloody lips,etc.) But before the latter can say anything, the first man simply stabs him through the heart with a stake to the horror of the others, again dramatically saying something like  ‘his deductions are never wrong and he has slain the only vampire.’ Then they all leave the room with the body of the man in the coffin.

Scene cuts to a grizzled man and a promiscuous girl who were hiding behind (a throne? ) and watching everything in a bemused manner. Then the prom girl asks she would like to be bitten as an experience. The man seems delighted and goes for the neck, fangs bared, then stops and asks whether she had eaten garlic in her last meal. She shakes her head and he happily proceeds to the dark, the girl gets acutely aroused and starts moaning.

Final scene. Seems like an underground cave or icky black basement (or HELL itself). A scantily clad blonde lies by the blazing fire with bleeding neck appearing to be in a trance and suffering from ‘post-bite trauma’. A Voldemort like figure but a millennia older sits and gloats over his handiwork and critically analyses it.

Well thats it. Please help to trace it.

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