Unknown Movie Title involving Silver Man

I suspect this may have been Australian. It’s just a gut feeling though, one based on the tone and feel of some Aussie movies I have seen in the past – as I remember it of course. It involved a man and woman living in a caravan in a desert, the whole plot revolved around their lives there. Now the man was not human. I cannot say what he was specifically, but he was silver, so I assumed he was extraterrestrial. He was as a man in form but silver and a little quirky. I saw this movie the first time around 1998. I caught a glimpse of it again a year or two later. I believe it to have been a 90s movie, perhaps early 90s, but that is just as I recall it.

I know that’s a tough one, but any help very much appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Unknown Movie Title involving Silver Man

  1. “The Man Who Fell to Earth”(1976)? It starred David Bowie and he wore a silver suit on his home planet and lived in a desert.

    1. I didn’t know about this movie, looks interesting. But unfortunately it’s not the one. The one I looked more recent and slower paced, definitely in a desert on Earth in a caravan. Thanks for the response though 🙂

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