Undercover action film with sex party like eyes wide shut

The other day I saw an ad for Eyes Wide Shut and my brain kicked a memory of a crime/action show that had the following premise.   I seem to recall season two had a female victim from season 1 that had trained herself in self-defense, most notably with knives using an X-shaped wood platform to practice on.   She had become part of the good guy team and they were tracking down some bad guys, very important political and business people.  She went undercover as an escort, I think her sister or perhaps a friend was such an escort.  She showed up at a club, was accepted even though she was a little older than the typical 20 something.  They put her on a bus, collected her phone (which the team was using to track her).  She was taken to a mansion where she was forced (along with every other girl) to take a pill (probably MDMA) which made the girls pliable and fuzzy.   All the girls were led to a room full of these powerful men and the Kubric-esque party started.   A particular big wig, perhaps a senator, perhaps southern, approached her and commented how she was more mature (and desireable) to him.   She got away from him, into a bathroom, where she threw up the pill and found an escort she was there to save.  They left and when a bodyguard tried to stop her, she slipped a blade into her hand and took care of the guy.   Meanwhile, the team broke into the leader’s office to steal plans or data or something, arriving just in time to collect the two ladies and take off safely.  I think this was a TV show, not a movie, but I could be wrong.

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