Ugh this is bothering me so much i want to rewatch it

Okay, I remember everything about this movie besides the actors, character, names, AND THE MOVIE TITLE!!!

Bullet points will be so much easier:

  • This girl wanted to see her mom like soon bad
  • she was going to different foster homes all the time because shed always find a way to get out of it
  • she was sent to this home that was kind of religious
  • this kind of old lady owned it
  • i think it was her son but there was a real young little boy there
  • the neighbor was african and blind and old
  • They’d have dinner with the neighbor because he was lonely
  • He would always stare a picture of a woman, it was wither a wife or daughter that was killed. But he was blind so his reason for looking at it was to love and honor her.
  • She stole his money at one point but was caught
  • she stood up for the little kid when he was bullied and tried to teach him to defend himself
  • She made paper airplanes and tossed them around with him
  • Then she still tried to get out of it by writing a letter to her grandma about how bad the conditions were
  • the grandma did come to get her but when she did the girl already fell in love with the family and didn’t wanna leave
  • i remember at one point she tried to get a train ticket to run away
  • it was emotional because at the end they were crying about how shell miss them
  • she met her mom and she totally didn’t care about the daughter much
  • she ended up living with the grandma,
  • but she still visited the family often

Anyways, this movie was watched less than a year ago on an airplane. It was pretty recent like when the barbershop movie came out with niki minaj and ice cube. I watched it on an airplane tho so idk when it came out. Hope this helps you remember something… let me know. Thank you.

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