Two Teens Kidnapped and Held in Woods Movie

I saw this movie on Showcase Canada late at night around 2002 or 2003. It wasn’t a new movie but they usually played European Arthouse flicks late at night. It wasn’t a TV movie, that’s for sure. The movie was in color, looked like it might have been made in the late 80s or 90s. I was changing channels a lot but I kept coming back to it, so I don’t know the whole plot. In fact, the first scene I remember of this movie was a bathroom scene where two dudes were fighting. The bathroom looked more like a locker-room shower than a traditional stall-based bathroom. As in, there were open shower faucets above and linoleum tiles below. Again, I was changing channels a lot so this scene may have been from the end of a different movie.


The next two scenes I remember are definitely from the same movie:

When I came back to the movie after switching channels, it seemed like a boy and girl were kidnapped by a crazy old guy and were forced to live under his floorboards. I think there were a couple scenes where he brought the girl up from the floorboard hiding place to cook for him or something? The dude was chained below I believe.

There was also a scene at the end were the two teens were running away from the old man, naked, and jumped in a pond within the forest. I believe the old man was killed by them eventually.

I don’t think this was an English language film, if that helps. The forest was fairly grassy/woodlandy. Like there was a lot of green, it was probably spring/summer. The cabin where the two teens were held was very dilapitated…and the old man himself had jerky body-language. Imagine Rutger Hauer in The Hitcher, but even more skeevy in terms of appearence.

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  1. Could it be “Les Amants Criminels”? French film, creepy, two teens getting locked up by an old dude in a cabin is the bulk of the movie. The girl convinces her boyfriend to kill a fellow classmate, so the other part could be a flashback to that.

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