two teenage girls, an “eccentric” older woman, and an old lady

I believe I saw this on HBO in the late 1980s or early 1990s.  It had something to do with two teen girls–sisters maybe, where one was the “attractive and outgoing” one, the other was shy.  For some reason they had to live in a house with a woman in her 30s (or so) who was a little “off” – like in a 1930s or 40s sense (which is around when it took place) – i.e., she liked to go out, drink, etc.  I believe an old woman live there too (perhaps the 30-ish woman’s mother??)  Anyhow, I faintly remember a train track/train bridge scene where they were sitting on the bridge.  This is in English, and in color.

4 thoughts on “two teenage girls, an “eccentric” older woman, and an old lady

  1. Oh, and by the way, chances are you saw it on the old BRAVO cable channel which used to show a variety of pensively offbeat and unusual movies, unedited and unabridged, during the time period you reference. -Pam

  2. Yes! That is the movie! Thanks so much! I could only remember bits and pieces of it….and I knew it starred a “major name” or whatever, but I just could not think of Christine Lahti. Wow….thanks again. What a neat website this is!

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