two movies

Movie #1:

To start off with, this was a documentary like movie where you could see the record thing on screen and stuff like that, it was also a horror movie. Okay so I dont remember how long ago this one was, but it took place on a river like area where this group(i dont remember whether if it was a group or not) of people go on this abandoned ship on this river and one of them goes down to the ships quarters and finds this weird black capsule thing, and when one dude pries it open it releases this demon spirit. Inbetween the main story of the demon being released, there are tapes that people find that show some dude messing around with demon magic and walking on water.. Thats about all I remember of this one.

Movie #2:

Its like this end of the world type scenario where I think it starts off with these hordes of silver bugs or something that devour absolutely everything, if I remember correctly they first started out at a military base. Eventually this guy meets this girl and her son and they travel around looking for a safe place to stay, eventually the son gets caught in the middle of one of these silver bug swarms and when they get to safety the guy grabs the kids arm and the bugs come crawling out of the kids arm and go into the guys.. Thats about all I can remember.. Please help!

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