Two friends kill drug baron with his

An American action movie released before 2000. I’ve seen it on a Russian TV channel when I was little kid, but it can be a new movie or some ancient from 1970th

Two friends – a tough white (possibly a cop) and his afro friend. They learn that a powerful drug has appeared on the street. In one of the first, a girl who seems to be involved in sports (running? or just school classes?) dies because of this drug.

There is a mafia boss behind the drugs. The drug lord lives in a wildly fashionable mansion. He has a bed in his office that hides in the wall. There’s an afro girl, who is his beloved or maybe a girl from escort he hires a lot. She also may be a sister, or maybe just a friend of a afro friend. Through her, friends learn that the boss is behind the distribution of drugs.

(this piece may be from another movie)
The friends begin to take revenge. Among other things, one of the key people in the syndicate named Luca, an Italian with a slicked hair with hair to his ears. They find out where he eats spaghetti every day. White friend pours laxative into the spaghetti and puts a bomb in the toilet cistern of the same establishment. Luka leaves to take a shit, flushes off the water – and BOOM happens!

Then they somehow still harm drug dealers. The boss realizes that the afto girl can be a spy and slaps her in the face.

Closer to the finale, the drug lord gathers potential partners to discuss the distribution of promising drugs. And the white man and the afro man cut off the telephone connection and go to storm the mansion.

When the assault begins, the boss blocks the exit from the conference room with iron doors, iron blinds fall on the windows and waits for reinforcements. But the hero his friend had found a warehouse of drugs in the house. They make respirators out of T-shirts and bluntly blow directly into the ventilation. All mafia bosses are killed.

As a result – the mafioso is dead, and the main characters are just ok.

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