two boys scrap together a sailboat to cross the desert

I saw that Chiwetel Ejiofor directed a movie called “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”. At first I wondered if it’s a remake from a movie I vaguely remember. It is not.

On to the movie I can’t seem to find:

Two boys are stranded in the desert. (Plane crash? or are they abandoned?)
After initial despair, they find a half buried sail boat, and scrap it together putting wheels on it, so they can “sail” across the desert.

I saw this in my childhood / early teens, so late 1990s, early 2000s, on Austrian television, or German cable. It was dubbed to German, but given the setting of Africa?, there’s every chance it’s a French production.

Please help me find this movie!

7 thoughts on “two boys scrap together a sailboat to cross the desert

    1. This looks oddly plausible!
      I’ll see if I can find it anywhere and give it a watch to see if that jogs my memory.
      (none of the bits I’ve seen on imdb have the desert sailboat)

        1. after a week of Covid, I’ve now managed to watch the actual movie.
          I feel like I might have watched this movie, but I can’t honestly tell certain it’s not the one I’m looking for here. The land sailing scene in that youtube video is all there is in the movie. I feel like in the movie that I remember, it was far more significant.

          I was obsessed with cheetahs when I was a kid, so I sure hope I would’ve retained the memory that one of the boys was a man and/or a cheetah. but, hey, I don’t know how brains work. Or if my works, at all.

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