Twist Ending in the hospital

The movie that I’m trying to identify ends with the main character in the hospital and him suddenly realizing that it’s he who has actually been severly injured (maybe even paralyzed) in a tragic event (automobile collision ?) and not the person (maybe his wife or ?) whom he (and we the audience) thought.

The movie to be identified is probably 15 – 30 years old.  I don’t remember who acted in the movie.  The main character is a caucasian and isn’t a superhero type.  The movie is not a western, comedy or science fiction.  It’s probably a contemporary mystery.

Each time I watch Bruce Willis in Unbreakable I think it will end as I’ve described above because in Unbreakable Willis’ character was in an automobile accident when he was a young man and subsequently he never seems to get hurt or sick. Unfortunately I have my movie endings mixed up and it’s been an unsolved puzzle for too long.

Please help.

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    1. Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio looks to be filmed in 2010.
      The movie I’m trying to identify would be much older.

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