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 There was a TV show I saw a while back, and I would think it would be easy to determine the name of, but so far Google has not helped at all.
 There is a man who has mind ability he was traped in a crazy ward with a girl. they escaped and ran others with powers. to a remote place in the woods.
 the others worked in his past memory  to help him unlock his secrets.
 only to determine that there was something in this mind feeding on him.
 a also remember he went into the mind of a man that was the husband of one of the people trying to help him.
 the show was only on a season or two on TV and then nothing.
 please help the not knowing the name is driving me crazy

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  1. I agree with Andrew. Definitely Legion. On FX. It’s part of the X-Men universe, and season 2 is going to happen, I think.

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