Tv Movie , it’s driving me crazy trying to find it !!!

The main things that i can remember about the movie are that it’s about an ebony woman in a leather (suite ? or top ? with zipper) and posing as a thief .
There is a scene where you see the (Caucasian) husband argue with his (Caucasian) wife (blonde) about something . Later that night the ebony woman in leather is breaking into the house to steal something from the living room (there might be some kind of safe-locker cant remember) . There is a pool table in the living room 100% . She gets caught by the husband and is blackmailed for sex on the pool table. The woman i remember quite clearly saying :”If we are gonna do it , do it properly” and hands him protection .
The movie i believe is categorized as softcore and in the same spirit as the Emanuelle movies or close to that .

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