TV Mini Series???

Okay, so I have been thinking about this movie a lot as of late.  I thought it was the SyFy mini series “Tin Man” but it’s not.  Then I thought it was “Alice” (same channel) but it’s not.  I’m pretty sure it aired sometime between 2006-2010 (while I was in college).  I thought it was on SyFy but it could have been another channel.  I didn’t get to see the whole thing (that’s why I want to watch it now) so I don’t remember everything.  From what I can remember it seems a lot like an Alice in Wonderland story.  A girl goes through a door (I think it was a mini door, but I could be wrong) that is somewhere in her house.  The door takes her to another world/dimension.  She meets someone who I thought was the Tinman, but now I’m thinking he might have been a bad guy at first.  If I remember correctly he had dark hair, fair skin and was tall.  She ends up falling in love with him and they either go back to her world together, or she finds his counterpart in her world.  I could be totally off so if no one can figure it out that’s fine.  I understand. Thanks for your help!

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  1. this sounds kinda like a doctor who episode. but more than one episode. was the guy david tennant or Matt smith?

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