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There was a movie, year range 2007-2009 about a girl that died in a car crash, and it’s her telling her story from the after life. She moved to a small tight knit town, and she was into partying and very different from other girls. Her, and one of the main characters, who was a blonde girl, had a frenemy relationship and were into the same guy. One day, the blonde girl was to give a speech at their high school, as she was a model student and a good girl, and the party girl drugged her drink before the speech to help her loosen up. After the weird speech she gave, the party girl revealed she gave her ecstasy to help her. They wound up going for a drive in the now dead girls mustang, with the blonde girl driving still on drugs, and she wound up crashing the car and killing her friend. The cops were trying to find out what happened, and at first the blonde girl lied about what happened, saying the now dead girl was driving, but the boy they both liked saw the blonde girl driving and was going to tell on her, so she had to fess up to the cops that she accidentally murdered her friend in the crash. Anything anyone remembers about this movie i would greatly appreciate!!

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