Trying to find an episode (or episodes) of a tv series

It was a tv series about weird or paranormal things seen on cctv or satellite?

I remember watching this series in the last five years, and the episodes I very specifically remember include a black mountain in Australia seen from space, a black alien creature caught on an ROV camera, and a (new movie) war of the world’s type clip of a pod thing seen coming down in a lightning strike in the UK (near a church I think?)

I’ve been through the episode guides for both Strange Evidence and What On Earth but can only find the black alien underwater one (3×08 alien in the abyss)

It is driving me nuts that I can’t find the other two clips because I want to watch them again headdesk

If these are familiar to anyone, or if someone with better google-fu can find them for me, I would be supremely grateful. Thank you.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that I might be mixing up my series and it’s more than one show *facepalm*

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