trying to find a “biosphere” episode?

i’m trying to find a tv episode that I have a very vague memory of, i can’t remember what series or who was in it, but I do remember there was a biosphere or test living module for the moon or mars in it, and I think someone dies or is killed?

it was definitely pre-2020 (possibly older than 2019 even?), it was in colour, I’m not sure of the language because I didn’t have the volume turned up at the time

if anyone can help me find it again so I can watch the whole episode, that would be amazing?

4 thoughts on “trying to find a “biosphere” episode?

    1. I don’t think it was Roswell, I would have remembered this one (I love this series, and the new version)

      But thank you for the suggestions 👍🐱

    1. I haven’t actually seen future man, but I will check it out anyway (it looks like an interesting series 🐱👍)

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