True Story of wife ordering her hausbands murder movie

Hi, im looking for a movie its about this rich American man who meets this (i think blond American women, who is really nice they fall in love and then they get married. After they marry the wife hosts a party at their home and goes nuts because she wanted (i think ruby colored tulips not red)!!! Anyway she goes nuts in front of the guests and starts pulling them out from the garden… Husband stops her and she goes back to normal & one day they decide to adopt two russian children (brother & sister) since she cant have kids. Anyway they start fighting and she leaves or kicks him out and stays at a 5 star hotel and orders room service because her ex husband is paying for it all! Then she moves into this giant house and tells them to remove the flooring and replace it just to charge more her ex husband. Husband keeps giving her thousands because she is threatening that he will never see them again. She also tries to turn the kids against their father. Ending wife hires her lover to kill her ex husband. Movie is american time around 2000 – 2017 , Oh its a true story… please help 🙂 🙁

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