Trashy B Horror Movie

I remember seeing this film at early 90´s but I am pretty sure that this is a 70´s 80´s film.

I remember the film depicted a pregant girl (I believe she weared a blue/green open sweter) trying to escape a cult leader/demon who wanted her child.

One scene I remember very well is that the bad guy cheined the girl, and in order to escape, she cut her hand off.

6 thoughts on “Trashy B Horror Movie

  1. In this movie were the bad guys kind of punk teenagers who were devil worshippers and they cut off the girls boobs, and then one of them gets his head cut off by a lawn mower? Cause this sounds like one I’m looking for

    1. yeah, i don’t think that the OP’s movie is STCB…A. just solving Alyssa’s for the sake of differentiation, not for points. 🙂

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