Tom Cruise movie with girl on horseback

All I can remember is the very end of the movie. I think it was a Tom Cruise movie, but he’s been in so many, I don’t quite remember which one. In the end he’s in a car or truck, maybe an SUV and some men are driving him. He drives past a girl, who’s in the movie with him for the most part, and she’s riding on horseback and he has a pin or a “trinket” in his hands and while she’s riding on horseback somehow the girl ends up with it, even though he never leaves the car. That last part could be wrong, but I do remember him riding in the back of the car and the girl on horseback. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Tom Cruise movie with girl on horseback

    1. You know that’s hilarious. I was literally watching Conspiracy Theory last night for the first time in a very long time and that’s when the question dawned on me. I was about 20 mins from the end of the film when I had to go to bed. Crazy. Thanks for the help!

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