Time travel woman in desert hunted into bunker


i am looking for an old movie …

I saw it more than 10 maybe 20 years ago.

It was on TV in Germany (German) but it looked like an American production.


A woman drives on a road in the desert. After a while she is attacked and then hunted by some criminals. She leaves the car and runs away toward a fenced area.

There is a kind of bunker and she goes into it. Inside the bunker are some scientists who can see her on survailence camera. She begs them to let her in which they finally do.

But i think the criminals get inside too.

Soon after something inside the bunker happened that sent the woman back to the beginning where the hunt began. But (as discovered later) she is the only one who can remember it.

She runs again to the bunker and shouts “open the gate! i know that you are in there!” …

That’s all i can remember đŸ™‚

Please can you help find this movie?

Greetings Fred;

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