Time-loop movie, horror/thriller, dude helps younger self without realising

Okay, I’m at my wits end with trying to find this – you are my last hope.
Here’s what I remember:

Guy wakes up at the side of a road, two women pick him up but he has no memory of how he got there, just horrible visions of some sludge monster.
Guy meets this kid, super similar to him and makes friends. Kid has stepdad (or maybe just dad? I’m hazy on that) that’s abusive and/or raping and killing women. Guy tries to help kid.
Skip forward to shit going down in a cabin where the raping and killing happens. Stepdad gets pushed into muddy ditch, think he’s dead but then rises out of it and looks just like the sludge monster.
SUDDEN REALISATION – Guy: “OMG! That’s young me!” sacrifices self (?) to save kid, stepdad gets killed but kid goes into catatonic state.
Returns to a scene similar to the opening of the movie on the side of a road.

Please help! This has been driving me nuts for MONTHS!

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