Thriller where a group of men in masks murders a young male prostitute…

So, I’m looking a 90’s TV movie.
I do not remember any of the actors (especially because for many years I thought it was another film that I could not remember the name of).
It could be American or British, since I am from Latin America and the movie was dubbed into Spanish, but Im pretty shure it was American.

I can not completely remember the argument since I was very young and my parents did not let me watch it for a long time.

I remember that the police enter the crime scene (an abandoned warehouse or something) where a young male prostitute is crucified. Somehow there is a video tape where they can see a group of men with black masks spinning around the young man when he was still alive as in a kind of ritual dance.
There was another young male prostitute who had escaped participating in this ritual and knew the dead young man or something like that, the police talked to him.
I do not know how watching the tape one of the protagonists – police – finds one of the men who was a dentist or pediatrician.
And from there I do not remember anymore.
I am looking for it for YEARS,  so if you can help me to find it I will thank you very much !!!

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