Thriller from the 60’s maybe a vampire mobie

Hello, I never saw this movie on tv or in the theaters as I was about 6 or 7. This would have been around 1967. All I remember was the commercial. I recall a fighting scene in what was either a bar or someone’s home and this girl was standing in the back screaming at the crowd possibly to stop fighting. Then an older person creeps up behind her and puts some sort of canvas bag over her as she is trying to escape. Then an elderly woman is talking to the audience and I can’t remember what she says. She let out a hiss and fangs came out of her mouth. I remember the commercial was creepy but I could never find out the name of the movie. Does anyone remember it?  Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Thriller from the 60’s maybe a vampire mobie

  1. I remember this movie and forgot about it lol!! It’s not this one but this was good too. The trailer I remember were with young teenagers in a bar with the fighting scene. Thanks again for this! I wa t to see this one since it was a good movie.

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