This one is a tough one !!

A man is kept hostage for some reason I believe it was for criminal purposes, he loves a woman and is cooperating  to keep her safe. Infact the woman and the man keeping the main character hostage are lovers and maybe brother and sister. I remember the hostage see’s them in a hot tub maybe kissing. This film may be anytime from the 90’s. I believe it to be American and I watched it over ten years ago! It was a crime themed film, sorry I cant be more help.

3 thoughts on “This one is a tough one !!

  1. I’m just going to throw this out there, since there are some similarities: Reindeer Games. If I recall correctly, the bad guy played by Gary Sinise pretends that Charlize Theron is his sister but really she is his girlfriend. Then there is a plot twist and she’s not really his girlfriend after all. Ben Affleck plays the good guy they hold “hostage” by threatening Charlize.

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