This movie has been driving me crazy for years

Ok, so this movie has been driving me crazy for about a decade. The movie is in color and most likely made in the 90’s. I saw it as kid in the early 2000’s on TV.  I’ve only seen it once since then and I think about it almost every day. Here goes..

This movie revolves a kid (blonde haired and quite nerdy). There’s a scene in which he’s outside at the school’s playground and sees a girl he likes kissing either another boy (maybe the school bully?). He got on his knees and yells, “Nooooooo!” and I think he runs away. Another scene involves him and a friend hanging out in his room. The main character’s little brother walks in and I forgot the reason why. The main character asks his brother to bring him his copy of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and he complains that he’s seen the movie 500 times. Another scene involves the main character playing as a cactus in a school play.

That’s all I can remember about this movie and I would really appreciate any help.

2 thoughts on “This movie has been driving me crazy for years

  1. I’m the same as you I saw this movie at my aunts house when I was a kid ive been trying to find out the name of this movie for years and years. I was hoping to find a quick answer here but I didn’t see no answers 🙁

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