This a movie scene or a dream?

So, I woke up earlier and remembered a dream. While I know one part was inspired by a game I played earlier, the other part was seemingly just thrown in there/not-a-subsequent-sequence. And I remember having felt the essence of that thought earlier and I imagine that it’s from a movie: A horror/psychological thriller movie, I’d assume.

A girl flees through the forrest from a man(?) who’s hunting her and she eventually stops, thinking she ran away from her chaser. She moves close to a three, its hollow underneith and watery, and roots try to grab her but she manages to run. Later, a root up from a sink hole grabs her ankle and she’s pulled into the sand.

It’s not Evil Dead, though the idea is similar, it reminds me more of an evil Alice in Wonderland. Not Harry Potter either, with that damn tentacle tree they have. Think it was a movie or really just a dream?

2 thoughts on “This a movie scene or a dream?

  1. This may not be super helpful, but it reminds me of the opening of a show. I think an episode of supernatural?

    I remember something like this where the girl was wearing modern day clothes and it was dusk.

    If I can remember where its from Ill leave another comment!

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