The wedding gift of an army general.??? And his young tender virgin

A wedding party of lots and lots of people when a man calls them to recieve his very personal gift in private and so makes them excuse themselves, assuring their swift return to their many guests. Behind closed doors the newlyweds are pedastalled chest high to the gifter and each one facing the other one, and when thoroughly excited to experience the selected gifts requiring such ceremonious detail and their host steps up on a stool behind the virgin throes her dress up over her head and forces his penis violently into her and takes great pleasure in the imediate chaos hes created but then its turn for the grooms turn and his host steps up behind the war hardened general, licks his fist draws back a mighty K C and punches all 40 levels of hell up into the poor generals arsehole and further chaos ensues while the party host presents his
ring covered in the generals weeping yawn for him to kiss and thank him for such a considerate gift… gush and bow gush and scrape return to quests who demand to know what gifts they were given, and are obliged to reveal their awful shame and once again thank the gifter as they try to comfort each others disposessed honor thay had stolen and can never gift and laughter laughter laughter…. scene fades

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