The teenage girl whose photo became the cover of her father’s homosexual book

I just remember few small details:
The film’s about a teenage girl who’s not favorable at secondary school.
She has a new younger brother, who’s bullied too with her at the school and the whole movie’s about them side by side together.
Her father’s a writer. He has his daughter’s picture to be on cover of his book about homosexuality. That’s why she’s heavily teased. She’s tried to reject that all the time, even kissed her young brother (then people around be like “eww”).
But at the final scene of the movie, she’s solved her teenage problems and be fine with all that, new younger brother, esp her dad’s books,… The ending scene is the grown-up her finally became a social activist, raised a speaker and said: “I’m gay/lesbian!”

Plz help, I’ve looked for it for over 4 years ;_;

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