“The ‘Something’ “, obscure animated film from the 80s-90s

Where “something” is the full name of the movie, which I can’t remember for the life of me. This film is about a girl named Elizabeth. She meets and befriends these creatures from another world/dimension, and they’re humanoid, multicolored beings, with the ability to stretch and transform their bodies like rubber. I distinctly remember two of them stood out from the rest: a pink humanoid and a blue humanoid. The blue one developed a close bond with Elizabeth. Eventually she had to part ways with them, having a heart touching goodbye with blue guy.

I was a small child when I first watched this movie, in 2000-2005. But I remember the art style was very reminiscent of those old Care Bears movies, so I’m guessing it’s from the 80’s. I watched it in portuguese, though I’m pretty darn sure it was dubbed, and the original is most likely english. I know it isn’t from an animated TV series because I saw it on a VHS tape (my family had a movie rental store). And it was in full color.

that’s all I can recall. Pls help me find it it’s driving me insane

2 thoughts on ““The ‘Something’ “, obscure animated film from the 80s-90s

  1. Your description reminds me of the Barbapapas TV show. I know you said it wasn’t a show, but at least some episodes were on VHS back in the day. There were a whole passel of Barbapapa critters, and one was blue who was very loving. They sometimes turned themselves into more humanoid critters because they could take any shape. Here is one episode, but there were many.

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