The secretly pregnant woman

I can’t hardly remember when I saw this movie I think it’s been 4 years ago and vividly remember that it’s a foreign film with subtitles shown on tv, I think it was in Star movies or HBO. It’s more or a dark, thriller, mysterious kinda movie.

What I distinctly remember about the film is that there’s a woman, a pale skinned, who is secretly pregnant she hides it from (im not so sure) I think from nun, i think she was in a convent and she every day binds her bump. All throughout the film she would roam around the  place and discovers new things about the place, she was always suspicious about the grounds. She discovers an elevator underground and she goes through dark rooms. The last thing I remember was she sees children at the underground place and then I’m not sure but the ending was she delivered a still-born child. The last scene was a birds-eye view scene craning up of the woman in the floor holding her baby.

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