The Monster

I believe the title of the movie was ‘The Monster’. The scene was a future space mining operation, could be the moon, or some other planet. The being, or worker, who worked in the harsh environment was hideous looking, and had been distracted from doing his work. The woman who was in charge of the mining operation was a normal looking American woman, who told the worker that he needs to be focused on doing his job.

The worker told the woman that the ‘voices’ were speaking to him. He told the woman that ‘some people define who they are by what they do, but that he defines what he does based on who he is’

Before the worker permanently walked off his job, he left an item for the woman to look at. She opened the item, only to realize that the hideous looking ‘monster’ was her long lost (assumed dead) husband.

This was in black and white, and may have been a Twilight Zone, or Outer Limits television movie. It’s been more than 19 years since I’ve seen the movie.

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