The film is about a creature that kills a family around a house and makes friends with a girl

I have been wanting to find the name of this film for about 15 years and have never found it, so hopefully someone here can help.

These are the details that I remember are:

I believe I saw it on VHS in the late 80’s. It was a movie and not a TV episode.

It was about a creature, possibly an alien that looks like a big pizza blob, I think it has a sucker, which it uses to kill people.

The film takes places inside a house with a family. It kills the family, it is able to recreate their voices once it kills them. It then makes friends with a girl in the house who dresses it up in punk clothes and I think she dances around the house with it.

That’s all I can remember about it.. Hopefully someone knows what I am talking about.

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