The castle made of theetn

so every year around this time I think of this movie and I can’t remember the name I feel like it comes on abc family during the 25 days of Christmas but I’m not sure it has a Harry Potter feel and I believe krampus is in it but his not evil the main character is lady with blonde hair and it has some black streaks in it she wears it in a bun and has a British accent I think also I remember the tooth fairy is in it but I pretty sure she’s bad and she lives in a castle of teeth that might be decaying if you know the movie please let me know thanks 

3 thoughts on “The castle made of theetn

  1. I’m also looking for this movie. All I have to go on is a description from my husband. He used to use his allowance when he was a kid to rent this movie repeatedly and he can’t remember what it was called but he said it had an evil toothfairy that turned people into teeth or something and she built a castle out of teeth.

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