ten commandment movie for kids

I remember this movie from when I was little. i must have watched in during the early 2000’s but it could be from before then. it was on a VSH tape. it was about the ten commandment and it starts with a little girl and her brother in a restaurant and another boy comes in and starts bullying the older brother something happens and the little girls stuffed lion and other animals start talking to them through a radio that is sitting on the table. they some how go into the radio thing and it put them in another place (like a fictional land). they all land on the ground and the little girl tell them not to be scared because she knows where they are. and then the talking lion comes up and explains what’s happening to them. they go on to learn every Ten Commandment through a song and the boys compete for a record or prize of some sort and the end of every song. the movie ends with them being friends. has anyone else seen this movie before?

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